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From RKL we offer independent professional services of Consulting and Engineering, with an innovative character in the area of Integral Safety & Security beginning with the analysis of the risk, orienting the customer demands with a proactive attitude and contributing to the market with all our knowledge and experience.

We seek the confidence of our customers, to carry out a Digital Transformation of their Security Management Models, creating a new environment where the Data from physical and logical operations, becomes the key in:

Our knowledge of Integral Safety & Security

Logical Physical Safety & Security Environment

1. Assisting in making the right decisions for the Company's operations and strategies.
2. Improving the processes that link people with technology, and increase the perception of Security.
3. Making the model profitable, Returning the Investment in Security (ROSI) and improving the operating costs (OPEX).
Where we are heading to


We continue working to become a reference in the national market and to be able to develop more and more security projects in other countries. Our work force has experts in every area of Security and Information and Communication Technologies (ICT), which allows us to provide Critical Sectors with an innovative way to Manage Comprehensive Security. Our challenge is to constantly align the strategic objectives of companies with the investments and operating costs of Integral Security.

We see ourselves as a reference in the Transformation of the Strategic Models of Integral Security Management for companies in sectors with Critical Missions, where it is fundamental to create Convergent Resilience strategies.

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Public Administrations

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Data Centers

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Company Values

We strive for customers trust, assuring them the maximum confidentiality, with a total independence in the proposed solutions. We have a global vision of Safety & Security, focusing the solutions for the different environments in an integral way: Safety & Security / Logical & Physical.

We strive for customers trust, assuring them the máximum confidentiality, with a total Independence in the proposed solutions. We have a global vision of Security, focusing the solutions for the different environments in an integral way: Safety & Security / Logical & Physical and achieving convergent results and conclusions in these areas

We are fully experienced, with a professional background of more than 25 years in different companies from the Security sector: Consulting, Engineering, Integrators and Services; and more importantly, we are very flexible, which allows us to be very efficient in the services provided.


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